The Shure MV7 XLR Sound With Processing


If you are thinking of adding a dynamic microphone to your collection, you've probably considered the Shure SM7B. It's a classic broadcast microphone and has been a standard for voice over artists, podcasters, radio announcers and streamers for years. Now, Shure has released a new take on the classic called the MV7 that can be used as both a USB microphone (with corresponding app including many features), and a standard XLR connection. In this video I explore the sound of the MV7 on voice with EQ and see how it measures up.

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Voice Over Processing On The Shure SM7B


In this video I illustrate how to optimize the sound of a recorded voice using an only a standard channel EQ (Apple Logic Pro) to get a big, bold, warm, smooth professional voice sound. This male voice was recorded with the Shure SM7B and was captured directly to a Zoom H6 Recorder. The voice was recorded In a medium size, partially treated room, a real-life scenario. Knowing how to properly EQ can optimize the sound of any voice, on any microphone, in any room. You can even make a budget microphone sound much more expensive.

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