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Step #1 Prepare Your Audio File

Ensure your voice-over audio submission follows these guidelines.

  • Use unprocessed audio only.
  • Use the .wav file format.
  • Must be between 30 sec. and 2 min. in length.
  • Ensure a proper recording level (never peaks over -6dB).
  • Do not use normalization.
  • Include 2-5 seconds of room tone (in the same file).
  • Title your file using your first and last name.
  • You can read your copy or use the copy provided here

Step #2 - Fill Out The Form Below

The Google Chrome browser is recommended. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact me at [email protected].

PRIVACY POLICY, TERMS OF SERVICE, & CONTENT RELEASE. Submitting this form does not guarantee it will be accepted or processed. No payment of any value will be offered in exchange for your submission or your audio file. I authorize Lenny B Productions, to use the following personal information: (1) My picture if submitted – including photographic, motion picture, and electronic (video) images. (2) My voice –including sound and video recordings. I hereby grant to Lenny B Productions, its subsidiaries, licensees, successors and assigns, the right to use, publish, and reproduce, for all purposes, my name, pictures of me in film or electronic (video) form, sound and video recordings of my voice, and printed and an electronic copy of the information described in sections (1) and (2) above in any and all media including, without limitation, cable and broadcast television and the Internet, and for exhibition, distribution, promotion, advertising, sale, press conferences, meetings, hearings, educational conferences and in brochures and other print media. This permission extends to all languages, media, formats, and markets now known or hereafter devised. This permission shall continue forever. I further grant Lenny B Productions all rights, title, and interest that I may have in all finished pictures, negatives, reproductions, and copies of the original print, and further grant Lenny B Productions the right to give, sell, transfer, and exhibit the print in copies or facsimiles thereof, for marketing, communications, or advertising purposes, as it deems fit. I hereby waive the right to receive any payment for signing this release and waive the right to receive any payment for Lenny B Productions' use of any of the material described above for any of the purposes authorized by this release. I also waive any right to inspect or approve finished photographs, audio, video, multimedia, or advertising recordings and copy or printed matter or computer-generated scanned image and other electronic media that may be used in conjunction therewith or to approve the eventual use that it might be applied.

Step #3 - Check Your Email For The Audio Submission Upload Link

Be sure to check your spam folder. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact me at [email protected].