Lenny B is a professional voice-over audio engineer and producer, currently living in Southern California. He is a producer of national (TV and Radio) jingles and has enjoyed FM Radio success with original music (airplay). He is an experienced radio imaging producer and morning show air talent who has been heard on numerous major market commercial radio stations worldwide. Lenny currently works as creative director and executive producer for a cluster of commercial FM radio stations. Thousands of voice-over artists from around the world trust Lenny to improve their voice-over production quality and presentation.

List Of Services

Custom Processing

Get a custom-tuned voice-over preset for your DAW. You can have a professional sound every time you record in your studio.

EQ Fundamentals Course

Learn one of the most powerful tools to shape the sound of your voice. Perfect for beginners or if you want to raise your game.

VO Production Course

Get started producing voice-overs from your home studio with professional voice-over production concepts for beginners.

Voice Over Equipment

Get suggestions for voice-over audio equipment including budget mics, pro mics, boutique mics, audio interfaces, and more.

Voice Over Basics FREE

Start learning free with the basics of Voice Over production including room treatment, recording levels, and microphone placement. 

EQ Techniques FREE

These 3 EQ techniques will illustrate just how powerful EQ can be for your voice-over sound. Get them now free!

EQ Voice Guide FREE

Get the Voice-Over EQ roadmap free! Finde exactly where you need to cut and boost frequencies to get the desired sound.