Voice Over Basics

Learn The voice over production basics that every beginner needs to know.


EQ Techniques

Get these 3 game changing EQ techniques used by professional voice over actors and studio producers.


EQ Voice Over Guide

Download an EQ road map illustrating 13 major frequency ranges that define your voice sound.


Get Your Plugin Settings Adjusted By A Pro!

Have a professional audio engineer set your plugins to create a custom setting for your DAW. The “Larger Than Life sound is only achieved when your EQ, compression, and expander/gate settings are tuned precisely to your specific voice. When your voice over career reaches the professional level, the value of your voice sound becomes self evident. Your voice IS your product and it deservers the highest level of quality. Feeding your passion is always a smart move!


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Voice Over Training Courses

Free Voice Recordings Basics Online Course

Voice Recording Basics

A quick mini course featuring techniques to capture professional audio quality.

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Professional Voice Production Concepts Course

Pro Voice Production Concepts

Learn fundamental concepts to record, produce, and deliver professional voice audio.

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EQ Fundamentals For Voice Course

EQ Fundamentals For Voice

Learn to transform your voice sound from weak and thin, to a big professional sound.

Buy $39.95

News & Updates

The new training course called EQ Fundamentals For Voice is now available.

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