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Get access to pro techniques to instantly improve your live voice or recorded voice sound.

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If your voice recordings are still sounding thin, echo-y, or distorted, it can be fixed. But you need to know how. Learn to achieve a professional studio sound right in your home studio.

The Professional Audio Editing Concepts course focuses on fundamental philosophies and best practices to efficiently create, produce, and deliver engaging audio. You will be introduced to time saving organization practices, room treatment, and recording levels. You will be exposed to professional workflow systems, basic editing concepts, and tips to achieve final approval from a client. The skills you learn will help you produce audio that connects on an emotional level with the listener.

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What They're Saying...

"This course will put you miles ahead of your competition! Invaluable training from a seasoned radio exec is something money can't buy, I'm so glad this course exists."

Erika De La Cruz
Television Personality & Best Selling Author

"This course supplies usable knowledge about recording audio, workflow, and how they work together. These techniques are really next level."

Will Wimenta
Radio Host & Audio/Video Producer

"This course is an incredible tool for anyone looking for creative ideas, practical knowledge, and best practices in the audio video industry."

David P.
National Marketing Consultant

"...It was worth every penny! I will definitely be working with Lenny again and I encourage others to do so as well."

Michael Chan
Voice Over Artist

"When I found Lenny I finally heard the voice of reason. I can now produce broadcast quality audio out of my home studio. "

Rick Negron
Voice Over Artist / Actor

"...this program will start you off on the right foot. If you’re like me, an old timer the program might remind you of some of the steps you’ve forgotten along the way. Excellent. "

Dave Ezratty
Old V.O. Guy

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