EQ Fundamentals For Voice 

Voice Over Training Course

The EQ Fundamentals For Voice course is easy-to-follow. The course is designed for voice over artists, streamers, broadcasters, and podcasters who lack the ability to use EQ with confidence or are working with EQ for the first time.

Included In This Course...
  • What Is An EQ?
  • Frequency & Volume
  • Frequency Bands
  • Identifying Frequency Bands
  • The Anatomy Of An EQ
  • The Spectrum Analyzer
  • Benefits Of EQ For Voice
  • EQ As A Fixing Tool
  • EQ As A Sweetening Tool
  • 7 Hands On Exercises


EQ Course For Beginners And Pros

The EQ Fundamentals For Voice course is designed by a voice over audio engineer for voice over artists. This course gives you the skills to drastically improve the quality and tone of voice recordings. 

With easy-to-follow video instruction. The course is designed for voice over artists, streamers, broadcasters, podcasters, or anyone who wants to increase the quality of their voice audio.

Be Able To Use Any EQ With Confidence

Most voice over artists lack the ability to use EQ with confidence. This course teaches you the common controls of an EQ, how they work, and how they affect your voice. Most importantly, this course teaches you how to use those controls to repair and enhance voice over audio. Once you complete EQ Fundamentals For Voice, you'll be prepared to use any EQ (software or hardware) and you will be EQ-ing voice audio with purpose and determination.

Convenient Learning

Once you buy the course, it's your forever. You can learn at your own pace. Access the training anywhere, anytime with one click on your browser or your smartphone. Learn whenever and wherever you're able to get the most from your investment.

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Frequency And Volume

Get familiar with the audible frequency spectrum and how frequency volumes relate to voice over audio.

The Anatomy Of An EQ

Learn the controls of a common EQ and what each of the controls do to voice over audio.

Repairing With EQ

Discover how to use EQ to repair over abundant and under represented tones in a voice over.

Meet Your Instructor

Lenny B is a composer, producer, and broadcast professional, currently living in San Diego, California. He is a producer of national (TV and Radio) jingles and has experienced FM Radio success (airplay). Lenny’s holiday song “Ugly Sweater,” under the band Mistletoe Conspiracy is heard on FM radio nationwide each holiday season. Lenny is also an experienced radio imaging producer and morning show air talent who has been heard on numerous major market commercial radio stations. Currently Lenny is Music Director and Executive Producer for a cluster of four commercial FM radio stations in San Diego, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Learn To EQ Your Voice With Purpose And Confidence!

EQ Fundamentals For Voice


Top features

  • Professional training
  • 24-part video course
  • Easy to follow lessons
  • 7 hands-on exercises
  • Clear, concise instruction


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