Free EQ Video Training Series

EQ Techniques That Transform Your Voice

Does using EQ on your voice-over seem like a mystery to you? You are about to have an eye-opening experience. This free introduction to voice-over EQ will show you how to sculpt your voice with three techniques used by professionals.

You'll learn these valuable EQ Techniques

The Tightening Technique

Apply EQ to your voice with this technique results in a clear and tight sound without losing warmth and thickness.

The Sharpening Technique

Apply EQ to your voice with this technique gives you a crisp, clean, and airy sound without being harsh.

The Masking Technique

This technique allows keeping the power and volume of your music bed while preserving the clarity of your voice-over.

Meet Your Instructor

Lenny B is a professional voice-over audio engineer and producer currently living in Southern California. He is a producer of national (TV and Radio) jingles and has experienced FM Radio success (airplay). In addition, he is an experienced radio imaging producer and morning show air talent who has been heard on numerous major market commercial radio stations worldwide. Lenny currently works as creative director and executive producer for a cluster of commercial FM radio stations.


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