Optimal Recording Level For Voice-Over 

 Training course by audio engineer Lenny B.

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Achieving the proper recording level may seem like a mystery. This course will show you how to get a perfect voice recording level every time.

Getting a good recording level is the foundation, the infrastructure of a professional sound. If you don't get a proper recording level for your voice, you could have less-than-optimal sound quality, and nothing you do after the fact can resolve the issue altogether. However, when done correctly, a proper recording level prepares your final audio to sound great.

Simple Meter Reading

Understand the data the input meter is showing you in your DAW.

Proper Level Benefits

Learn why a proper recording level is so important for voice recording quality.

Preamp Gain

Learn how to use the gain in your preamp to optimize your voice recording.


Watch recording-level setting walk-throughs on different popular DAWs.

Optimal Recording Levels For Voice-Over


Top features

  • Concise, easy to follow instruction
  • 4K┬ávideo quality
  • For beginner┬á& experienced students
  • 6┬ávideo instructional course
  • Walkthrough examples