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For All Voice-Over Recording Software

Adobe Audition

Apple's Logic Pro X

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Apple's Final Cut Pro

DaVinci Resolve

Why Custom Processing?

You hire a professional voice-over audio engineer to supercharge your voice sound when you get a custom preset.

Identify Your Audio Issues

Pinpoint problems with your room treatment, equipment, mic placement, recording levels, and more.

Supercharge Your Voice

Get a custom design for your voice-over sound with EQ, Compression, Saturation, Gating, and DeEssing.

Your Own Audio Engineer

Get help to solve audio problems quickly to spend more time recording and less time as an audio engineer.

Here's Why You Need This!

Win more auditions and get more work! Get a larger-than-life voice-over sound that will outshine the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Hear The Difference!

The best way to compare custom processing is to listen to the original unprocessed file, then switch back and forth to the processed file.

Custom Processing

  • Setup Consult
  • Adjustment
  • Channel Strip Design
  • Preset Development
  • Revisions
  • Preset Installation
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