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Custom Processing Service

Supercharge your voice overs with a custom processing preset tuned specifically to your voice. You'll finally have that larger than life voice over sound!

First We Resolve Sound Quality Problems
We begin by examining your voice over audio. After diagnosing sound challenges, we may suggest specific room treatment techniques, mic placement techniques, or level adjustments to bring your sound to professional standards.

Then We Optimize Your Voice Sound With Custom Processing
Once your sound is up to par, we design custom processing tuned specifically for your voice. You’ll then be able to hear your voice’s peak sonic potential with professional processing at no charge. If you like what you hear, you will have the option to become a client and purchase your custom preset.

Getting Started Is Simple
To get started, fill out the form below. You will be contacted to discuss your sound challenges and outline your goals.

What's Included?

Step #1. Review
I remotely review your setup, discuss your challenges, and outline your goals with a video call.

Step #2. Studio Consult
After reviewing your challenges, we will implement the solutions to improve your studio sound.

Step #3. Design
Processing is applied to your new audio samples with plugins that will best allow you to achieve your goal.

Step #4. Development
A custom signature custom preset plugin effects chain is developed for your voice, then sent to you for review.

Step #5. Revisions
Your custom sound is then fine tuned and further optimized until you are completely satisfied.

Step #6. Delivery
Finally, your custom preset is delivered with 3 different strength variations and installed in your DAW available every time you record.

Why Use An Audio Engineer?

Getting your microphone to sound like the professionals is challenging. You can be using the same expensive, high-end equipment, but still fail to get the sound of the industry legends. If you don't know how to arrive at the precise optimized plugin settings for your specific voice, microphone, and room, that "larger than life" sound is evasive. Here is your solution. You can have a custom channel strip plugin setting that is tuned to your voice, recorded in your room, on your microphone. And you can hear the difference with no risk. Best of all it can be easily done remotely.

Why Do I Need Custom Processing?

When you get a custom preset, you are hiring a professional voice over audio engineer to supercharge your voice sound. Your voice will be processed through legendary recording equipment and state of the art plugins that will allow you to have a 'Larger Than Life" voice sound every time you press record.

Listen To Our Work!


Male Voice Over #1

Female Voice Over #1

Male Voice Over #2

Custom Processing

  • Setup Consult
  • Adjustment
  • Channel Strip Design
  • Preset Development
  • Revisions
  • Preset Installation
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