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A custom preset is settings for your DAW that make your voice sound professional. 

You can have a real voice-over audio engineer custom-tune the settings for your voice. We handle all of the complicated settings and adjustments. You just sound amazing!

Submit your voice now
Submit your audio

Send us an example of your voice according to our instructions. Our submission form allows you to explain your equipment setup, challenges, and goals. A completely unprocessed audio recording is required from you to ensure that there are no issues with your fundamental recording process.

Recording quality diagnosis & assistance

We will review your audio file. Then, if any adjustments with your recording process are required, we will respond with suggestions and help you resolve the issues. Common issues include lack of room treatment, equipment connection mistakes, gain staging problems, and poor equipment connections. Once any problems are resolved, you'll send another example to be used for processing. 

Custom preset sound design

Once your recording is up to par, we will create a processed sound design for your voice. The resulting sound is based on decades of professional experience. However, we are happy to respect your direction. Professional processing plugins are used to fine-tune your sound. Finally, an audio engineer will sculpt and transform your voice recordings to reveal a clear, present, and professional sound.

Preset review

You will receive an example of the new processed voice-over sound for your review. You can evaluate the sound, play it for others, and compare it to reference recordings. We think you'll be in love with the sound. At this point, you can decide to move forward and purchase the setting. However, we can make adjustments to meet your precise expectations.

Option to purchase

If you decide to move forward, you can purchase the preset and request an invoice. We will include a detailed explanation of the plugins necessary to install the setting on your system. If you decide to pass on the purchase, there's no charge and no pressure. We only hope that you share the word about the service with your voice-over friends and colleagues.

Preset delivery & installation

Once the payment is received, we will send the preset files to for system with install instructions. If you require assistance getting the presets running smoothly, we can assist you over the phone or via video call. You will have the ability to make professional soundings every time you press record. The guesswork is gone, and you can concentrate on performing with the confidence that your audio sounds great!