Custom Processing Service

Demo your processed Voice-Over sound free. A custom preset is a chain of settings for your DAW that make your voice sound professional. Have a professional voice-over audio engineer custom-tune the settings for your voice. We handle all of the complicated settings and adjustments. You just sound amazing!

Get A Demo. It's Free To Start!

Hear the difference.

Listen to the raw, unprocessed audio, then listen to the same voice recording with the activated custom processing preset. 

Spend less time producing.

Recording voice-over is what you do. You should be able to focus on creating, not producing. We'll handle all of the complicated audio adjustments, provide you with the setting, and you'll just sound awesome!

Win more auditions.

Eliminate the competition by sounding better, more professional, and more accomplished. A well-produced voice-over audition separates you from competitors, allowing you to outshine the rest.

Attract larger clients.

You must sound professional to attract more prominent clients. So fine-tune your sound according to decades of world-class professional production experience by an actual audio engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions