Voice Recording Basics



✔ Room Treatment 

✔ Mic Placement     

✔ Recording Levels


Discover Simple Techniques To Make Your Voice Sound Better

Room Treatment

The basis for any good microphone sound begins in the room you are recording your voice in. Discover the simple guidelines to optimize your room sound immediately and make your voice sound better!

Microphone Placement

The placement of your microphone in any recording space can make a huge difference in your voice sound quality. Learn a key microphone placement technique as you walk through a real-life case study.

Recording Levels

Setting the proper level for your microphone voice sound is imperative. Learn how to achieve the proper level that will give you the best sound and won't sabotage additional processing. 

Pro Voice Production Concepts

Learn fundamental concepts to record, produce, and deliver professional voice audio.

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EQ Fundamentals For Voice

Learn to transform your voice sound from weak and thin, to a big, bold professional sound.

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