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Beginning Voice-Over Production Workflow Training Course

Discover the Voice-Over production operational order and begin producing high-quality audio for your clients. 

Training course includes:

  • Concise, easy to follow instruction
  • 4K video quality
  • For beginner & experienced students
  • 8 video instructional course
  • Downloadable PDF workflow roadmap


Let's Demystify The  Workflow Mystery! 

Voice-over audio production workflow is the specific order in which individual production tasks are accomplished. These tasks include editing, processing, downsampling, mastering, and others. Your workflow procedure is critical once you have the proper room treatment, recording equipment, and processing chain. Many self-producing voice-over artists are faced with the following questions. Do I add processing effects to my audio before or after editing? Do I downsample my .wav file to a .mp3 before or after adding effects? Once you've learned the professional Voice-Over workflow from this course, you will know precisely how to consistently produce high-quality voice-over audio recordings.

What People Are Saying:

I really enjoyed this course. Lenny helped me to expand and, importantly, UNDERSTAND. I wished I had this information at the beginning of my career. The Beginning Voice-Over Production Workflow course is truly a must-have for any V.O. artist who wants to reach industry standards.

Jacob Katana - German Voice-Over Artist