Low Cost Facebook Live Audio/Video Multi-Cam Equipment Kit

It is difficult to argue that video won't be a major factor in promotion and marketing efforts over the next several years. Some may say we haven't even scratched the surface of it's leverage when it comes to branding, marketing, and promotional benefits. Compared to what it would have cost just a few years ago, the newly available broadcast equipment is more affordable and may deliver better quality than ever before. Many businesses have had extremely positive marketing results with simple Facebook Live broadcasts resulting in thousands of views, tens of thousands in reach with very little effort. I believe we've yet to see the promotional limit of Facebook Live integration. The returns have the potential to be immense. 

The equipment package described below consists of the pieces necessary for a multi camera broadcast with the ability to include audio (from mixer board). In order to keep the cost as low as possible, this system is designed to push the equipment to it's limits. High quality audio/video content is absolutely possible when the system is set up and operated correctly. This system can be used with both Mac OSX or Windows machines. A Facebook account is required.

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The Logitech c920 is a full HD camera (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) with auto focus and automatic low-light correction. It also includes a standard tripod-ready universal clip and optionally, can be mounted on top of computer monitors. There are many reasons why this camera is a good choice for video blogs, Facebook Live applications, and social media marketing videos. It is easily incorporated into the broadcast system via USB connections and auto focus/exposure settings allow for hands free recording suitable for "one man show" applications.  There are numerous other cameras that can deliver similar features but often come at a much more substantial cost. When used correctly with the appropriate lighting, the Logitech HD C920 can deliver a crisp picture at an unbeatable price. Integrated within the system, C920 cameras can be switched with the use of hot keys on your computer giving you the ability to change camera angles during your recording or live stream. Often, one camera is used as a wide establishing shot, giving the opportunity to capture any action that may be happening in your video recordings.



The StudioPRO Premium Spot LED features 176 LEDs and includes barn doors and a brightness adjustment dial.  It has a 5400K color temperature and comes with a two different diffusion filters (orange and translucent). LED lights have become more affordable in recent years and have many benefits over traditional halogen or florescent lights. They are more compact, have a longer lifespan, and are easire to travel with. Additionally, they run much cooler than traditional halogen photo/video lights.  Anyone who has used video lights will testify that a room full of lights can drastically raise the temperature of a room very easily. A good guideline calls for three lights to be used on each on screen talent. Two light in front of the host, eliminating as many shadows as possible, and one behind and about 3 feet above the same person to be used as what's called a "hair light."  According to improvephotography.com, it's important to dial back the brightness of the hair light to prevent the top of the head from becoming overexposed in your video. This is where the brightness adjustment dial included on these lights comes in handy. There is a long list of LED lights on the market that can get the job done at a greater price. It's common for professional entry level LED photo/video lighting to be in the thousands of dollars per light. The StudioPRO Premium Spot light your subjects sufficiently at a great price.



IKmultimedia's iRig Pro I/O is an incredible little piece of technology that will bring audio from a single microphone or a mixer board directly to your computer via USB connection. The iRig was designed primarily for the musician market, but broadcast professionals and social media marketers can also take advantage of this impressive gadget. In addition to being able to connect a professional broadcast level microphone to your mobile phone, the iRig Pro also acts as an important pre amplifier to deliver a higher quality audio signal before it reaches your computer. IKMultimedia's high definition pre amp design virtually eliminates noise, while offering an impressive 24-bit converter with a 96kHz sample rate, the highest quality A/D conversion. The best part is that it comes in a small and affordable package.  There are other low cost, capable options that make an analog connection from a microphone to your mobile phone. The quality achieved by using the iRig configuration results in similar quality audio that was previously only achieved by using (more expensive) professional gear. You can learn more about the iRig Pro in our in depth blog post.


The Wirecast software package from Telestream allows you to broadcast from or record to your computer, using the connect audio and video capturing devices. Wirecast offers the option to adjust the resolution of your video and either broadcast live to a variety of platforms or record straight to hard disk for further editing and later distribution. Previously, Facebook Live was only available by broadcasting from a single smartphone (equipped with a video camera). Mac OSX versions or PC versions are available. Wirecast allows you to not only broadcast from multiple cameras, but offers the ability to include pre produced content in your live streams, lower third and layered graphics on screen, chroma key (green screen) effects, and a long list of other features. The software will be at the center of the broadcast system and is one of the most inexpensive ways to get a hight quality audio and multi camera video to disk or to a live stream. Although the price may seem steep, the capability and features that the software offers outweighs the cost. Get $10 off the Wirecast software by purchasing through us using your Amazing Prime account. You can learn more about Wirecast's features here. The kit listed on this page is intended for the Mac OSX system. A comparable PC equipment kit version is available here.

Additional Accessories

There are additional items to consider for your setup depending upon your computer system, your available space, and electrical power connection availability.

PBL Heavy Duty Light Stands

Camera or light stands may be necessary to place lights in their optimum locations. 


Mediabridge USB 2.0 - USB Extension Cable (10 Feet)

USB cable extensions may be needed to place cameras in their optimum locations. 

$5.79 $6.99

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 10-Port Hub

A USB hub may be necessary to connect the iRig pro audio and camera.

$49.99 $119.99

25 ft XLR 4-Conductor Star Quad Balanced Microphone Cable

An XLR extension cable may be necessary to connect your broadcast mixer board audio send to the iRig Pro.


BindMaster 245 15 Feet Extension Cord/Wire, heavy duty Black

Power extension cables may be necessary to place the lights in their optimum locations.


AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip 2-Pack, 200 Joule

Plug strip surge protectors may be necessary for appropriate lighting placement.


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