Problematic Frequency Bands For Voice

Playing back your voice recording and not hearing the pristine quality you expected is a common occurrence. It happens to most voice over artists, streamers, producers, and podcasters. Even more frustrating is being disappointed still, after upgrading to a high end (expensive) microphone.  EQ is one of the popular tools that comes to the rescue. When using EQ to address an issue with a voice recording, you first identify the band that you want to work with, then decide which EQ tools you’d like to use to manipulate the bands. But, Identifying which bands needed to repair the problem requires some experience and a trained producer’s ear.

Below is a guide to help you target common offending voice frequencies according to what you may be hearing. It can also help train your ear to eventually become a seasoned producer yourself. Below are just a few of the most common frequency bands that affect voice audio. (Gain levels of...

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