Radio & Television Jingles

Lenny B Creative writes and produces professional TV and Radio jingles for small business.  Adding a professional jingle to your commercial marketing effort strengthens your brand. Get a custom broadcast jingle for your advertising campaign today. The process is easy and affordable. We offer original music in 15, 30, and 60 second lengths for TV and Radio jingles.  We can also create music for longer applications like telephone hold messages, background music for film.  Jingle sings can also be added to any piece that we create for you that features your name, logo, or tagline.  We can also help you develop the perfect slogan if you don't already have one.  Included in the price of each jingle package is revisions until you are completely satisfied.  

About The Process

We begin the jingle creation process by meeting with you to understand what you desire. Then, a series of drafts are created until you have the perfect jingle to help strengthen your brand and better market your business.  Production time depends on project size. Commercial copy writing services are also available. 

Listen To Our Jingles...